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sanket vinchurkar  10 months ago

in sem 2 i m expecting to get around 24 marks in M2 can i get grace of 8 marks to pass?
i have no kt in sem 1 and yes i will get pass in other subject in sem 2.

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Shreyas Bapat  10 months ago can definitely get grace marks for M2 subject provided rest all subjects for the sem2 exam are cleared...

sanket vinchurkar  10 months ago

ya hope so really stressed thankyou for being positive🤗

Shreyas Bapat  10 months ago

Stay calm..and hope for the best 😊👍

Sarkare Omeir  10 months ago


yogesh kadam  10 months ago

sem 2 result lag gya kya link hai kya

Aditi Verma  10 months ago

yaar I am tensed about engineering drawing exam

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