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Vicky sahoo  6 months ago

Which chapter should I prepare in m3 to get more than 50???????????

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Bipin Rauthan  6 months ago

you can't think of omitting Laplace and Fourier.

Atrey Grampurohit  6 months ago

along with that complex also you need to consider

Tejas p  6 months ago

Laplace complex and vimp chapter regression and curve fitting if you do this well you will get above 50

Tejas p  6 months ago

Don't skip the last module regression, curve fitting and z transform comes for almost 35 marks easy 35 marks

Tejas p  6 months ago

Sabse bada murkh hoga jo z transform aur curve fitting, regression chodega woh

Rakesh Chavan  6 months ago

everything is easy expect Laplace. do other than Laplace

Bhushan Valvi  5 months ago

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