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Hemant shetty  10 months ago

Any Good Computer classes For JAVA & Python between Vasai to Boisar ?
please help if you have any info regarding Fees etc .

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Ravindra chavan  10 months ago

Kamal class Borivali Mai h...

Hemant shetty  10 months ago

ache se sikhate hai kya?

Taher Ujjainwala  10 months ago

you can learn python from here as well

Maverick Marvel  10 months ago

arey khudse Kar na kya har baat KE liye classes classes karte ho yaar

Thanos : The Mad Titan  10 months ago

Udemy se sikh le bro , then do specialization course in that language that will be good

harshal kumar  10 months ago

I don't know about classes but in my opinion, you don't need classes to learn python and java. There are many YouTube channels to learn python and Java. You can easily learn all the concepts that are part of the syllabus (and even more) from YouTube channels. Some popular channels are TheNewBoston(most popular, almost everything), TraversyMedia(good for web development), Saurabh Sulkhla(good for beginners, teaches in hindi). For more advanced and in depth knowledge, you can refer to the official documentation of python and java on their official website. You can also go for online courses on Udemy, Udacity, edX, Coursera.

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