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Thanos : The Mad Titan  10 months ago

COA clear karne k liye kuch idea do yaar

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nisha ramakrishnan  10 months ago

pipelining ,hazards ,booths,restoring,non restoring,von neuman,instructiin cycle,interrupt,io interfacing ,bus arbitration,hardwired,wilkie,flynns,iee,memory management pura padh,microprgrams aane ke chances hai for six marks

nisha ramakrishnan  10 months ago

itna hi padh

Bruce Wayne  10 months ago

You have wiped out half the population and you're worried about coa?

Thanos : The Mad Titan  10 months ago

I respect education , Bruce . You can see that in Infinity war how I told Tony that he has my respect .

Thanos : The Mad Titan  10 months ago

Thank you Nisha !

nisha ramakrishnan  10 months ago


utkarsh shukla  10 months ago

@Bruce 😂😂😂

pravin raj  10 months ago

Even Thanos can't have the future vision of Mumbai University questions 😂😂😂😂

Ruchit Mody  10 months ago

ty nisha

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